We Don't Kiss & Tell

May 1, 2024

TEAM SCG isn’t the type to kiss and tell - which is why you won’t find us flaunting our clients’ logos on our homepage to attract new business. This may seem counterintuitive for a company that deeply emphasizes the importance of brand recognition, however, we consider it to be a superpower and a very intentional part of our marketing strategy.

Honestly, it’s a strategic move - Distributors will often slap logos of large corporations that they “work with” on their websites to come across as an authority in the space. At first glance, seeing are cognizable logo on a website can in fact be a competence signal, but what most people DON’T know is the actual capacity at which those companies work together. It is more likely the company ran 20 shirts for their cousin as a favor than 20,000 shirts for a company-wide drop ship program because most enterprise business will make you sign an NDA before moving forward with any substantial business.


Despite the NDA, some distributors proceed to leverage their clients as a marketing tool. They think the enterprise company won’t notice or take the time to enforce the NDA because there are much bigger fish to fry… and they are probably right. But that is just not how we jive at Team SCG. Just because we could get away with it does not mean we should. We deeply value our client partnerships and wouldn’t dream of taking any chances to jeopardize them.


With that being said, we are utilizing this discretionary tone as a reverse engineered marketing strategy to attract new business and buyers that value their privacy. We figured we could paint a picture describing our caliber of clientele without giving away the secret sauce entirely - creating an intriguing air of mystery. It is a bit of an “if you know, you know” mindset that will speak directly to our ideal target market.


In short, we do not leverage our clients’ logos as a notch in our belts; rather we see our partnerships as serious relationships that we respect. Reach out for more information to find out just how you can go steady with TEAM SCG!

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