Our Impact

We define “Products with Purpose” as products that tie into an ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiative. This can look many ways in terms of recycled materials, a give-back program, minority-owned business, and much more.  

We take it upon ourselves to understand the vision and goals of your program and identify opportunities in which we can pull in products with purpose. Our team prioritizes these initiatives while doing product research, so we remain on the top of our game to help your brand buy better and be better.

Our eco-friendly partners:
Key Initiatives
Recyclable Materials
Reuse of Products
Minority Affiliations
Factory Approval Process

We are mindful of our impact through the products we propose.

Unsure of your impact?

Our team will guide you through purposeful purchasing. If you have a question relating to the direct impact of your programs, or are looking for a more intentional alternative, we will help you navigate these waters.

Email sustainability@teamscg.com