Our Rebranding Strategy

April 1, 2024

Team SCG is in a growth era. To put it simply, our company has been in business for over 35 years, and in the last three years has quadrupled in size. This extreme growth demanded cause for evolution. This evolution has required revamping of pretty much all our internal processes, restructuring of teams, and a hiring frenzy to keep up with our clients’ needs. We even had to move into a much larger building with over 40K sqft of warehouse space!

Needless to say, our internal team and clients have felt this era of advancements in just about every aspect of our business, so we figured it would be a good time to level up our own aesthetic with a rebrand. What we call our legacy brand has gotten us this far, but it felt like we needed to develop a stronger identity as we go to market in this next chapter.

With an industry as robust as ours, it was hard to pinpoint exactly what we were and how we wanted to market our services. To be truthful, a lot of our growth was organic, but now we seek to strategically hunt and develop business that aligns with our core values. Our legacy brand didn’t truly define what it is that we do for our clients let alone accurately represent the experience they receive when working with us. 

In this day, it is crucial to have a cohesive message between your look and feel in every interaction you have with your clients. From the website to the signature in your email, you want to remain consistent. On some conscious or subconscious level, this consistency builds trust and is something we preach to our clients through promotional merchandise. Large corporations enforce brand guidelines to protect the integrity of their brand across the board. Our team memorizes the brand guidelines of our clients to ensure they remain compliant with their branding efforts. We felt we needed to take that same energy and apply it to our own brand.

And thus, the SCG critical connector was born. Our team sat down and defined our true value proposition, our target market, conceptually how we wanted to come across in our collateral, and got to work from there. It was evident our goal has shifted to become more services oriented with a heavy focus on design, so we wanted that to come through with our new logo and color pallet. We created a whole story behind the meaning of the critical connector, and are so excited to unveil or efforts to the world!

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